Welcome to Falcon Export Services, Inc., a company that was established to provide the all important customer service that has been missing from many major manufacturers. Luis A. Testé, Founder, President and CEO. of Falcon Export Services, Inc., supervises the daily operations with over 38 years of experience in the International Markets.

The company primarily supplies a variety of of products to the International Markets. We have established our name with the expertise and service that we provide to our clients. We are not just a "trading company", we are committed to marketing and servicing products to the International Markets. At the same time we market some of these products to the local markets in Texas.

We have supplied Assorted Grocery Items for many years, giving our clients the service that many manufacturers cannot provide. Consolidating the products according to our clients' specifications. Many years ago when certain countries required the pack/expiry dates and foreign languages to be shown in every package, Mr. Teste was one of the first complying with the regulations, and has continued to improve this service.

We have expanded our services with:
Export Crating Division This division provides Consolidating, Export packing and Container loading services.
Trailer Division This division supplies Utility, Cargo, Livestock and Horse Trailers for Domestic & International Markets.
Portable Building Division This division supplies Portable Buildings for Storage, Clubhouse, Office buildings, Retail business, Mobile offices, School buildings, etc. The buildings can also be supplied as a kit.

Our primary role is to identify and satisfy customer needs, at the industrial, trade and consumer levels.